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The name's Suburb Steve, bitch.

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Nov. 11th, 2005 @ 02:08 pm
wow this thing is cute. its a newborn panda. i want it!Su Lin
in other news, I'm back in B'ham. Last night I went over to Nick's for a little while as he was passed out. Tonight I'm going to my g-parents to eat steak and watch the game and I'll be back in Auburn on Sunday. Good times.
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Columbus Day is lame Oct. 9th, 2005 @ 11:32 pm
This weekend was pretty crazy, well just Saturday. Friday night I didn't do shit because I felt like I was going to die. Saturday me and Paris went to the Panic concert. Its almost impossible to describe but it kicked major ass. We were tripping so I guess that made it cooler except when we had to talk to people, get hit on and during bathroom breaks. Afterwards we went to June's..Good times. Bruce and his friend were over there too.
Wesley sent me a text message earlier saying he's in the hospital with a staph infection. That's really scary. I just wonder how bad it is and how long he'll be in there. I'm kind of worried I might have one too since they're supposedly pretty contagious.
Since Loco's is not too dependable I think my next job victim is Touchdowns. I saw a hiring sign up for them today so tomorrow I will have to hit that up.
I'm about to go to sleep in a little while since I actually got up when I was supposed to today.
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Sep. 29th, 2005 @ 09:52 am
I just woke up. I meant to get up at about 7 and start working on whatever I'm supposed to do for English at 11 but I'm thinking about taking the easy way out and dropping it and retaking it with a little bit more motivation next time. After I've read the syllabus a few times the words "annotated bibliography,working thesis, and working outline due at beginning of class; essay exam" look confusing to me. An essay exam, what the hell is that? I am clueless in this class and I know I've already fucked up one essay, missed another and am behind as hell so I probably could barely pass with a C anyway. And that also means I can get fucked up on my birthday Thursday night next week and not have to worry about an essay the next morning!
On other things, I think I start at Loco's next week.
We went to Skybar Wednesday night and I hated it. I was bitching about the security and letting them know I would never be coming back. They are lame.
That's about it for now.
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Sep. 10th, 2005 @ 11:04 pm
I'm for once sleepy and actually excited to go to bed soon and that's good for my 8:00 class tomorrow. Speaking of that, I think I'm supposed to have something done for that. Who knows. Last night me, Katie, Paris and T.C. went to Andrew's and walked over to the same party a couple of houses down that we went to last time we were over there. Anyways that was okay. I got a nice buzz even though I looked trashed walking around there cause I had on heels and I was sinking in the dirt and stumbling over rough spots in the grass. Later bar guy came over. I might like bar guy; I honestly can't tell and I can tell you he probably thinks I'm a complete nutcase. I ramble on about everything kinda like when I was blabbing about the Ladykillers to him the other night. He just kinda listens and laughs. But I'm not sure; I really don't know enough about him and he might be a little too country for me.
Today me and Katie went to the pool and really didn't get much laying out done cause Katie got too hot and thought she was gonna pass out. I HAVE to find a job this week. The funds are running out and I told my mom I had more money than I actually do. I'm really gonna miss all my freetime but I'm starting to feel like a lazy moron. I feel like I might be getting sick too. I really need some Vitamin C, damnit!
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Sep. 9th, 2005 @ 03:10 pm
War Eagle! I feel much better now after this game than I was feeling last weekend. Last night was kind of lame. Me, Katie and Kelly and Kelly's friend went to the Highland's for about 30 minutes and left and thought we'd be goin' to some party Matt was at and apparently once we left he wasn't there anymore so we went to Matt and Jeremy's and hung out there for the rest of the night.
The Highlands was a lot of fun the other night. I need to remind myself that its not cool to pick up guys at the bar and its not cool to miss my 11:00 class because I'm too hungover. No telling what's in store for the night.
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I have internet! Celebrate!! Me and Paris, and possibly T.C., Katie, Matt and Mike are going to the Highlands tonight to see Rehab; we just got done eating at Niffer's. The football game sucked last weekend; hopefully B. Cox will warm up after a while. I think he was just really nervous and hopefully the rest of the team won't suck so bad after a few games. Briton never came last weekend but as of Tuesday he was saying he was thinking about coming this weekend. who knows; at least I bought new sheets. haha.
I have class at 11 tomorrow and I need to write an outline before then. So this means doing it sometime between pre-highlands tonight or in the morning. hmm, I better get lots of free drinks tonight!
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I'm in B'ham at the moment for about another hour or so. Me and T.C. came here today to give my mom her presents since yesterday was her birthday.
We haven't really had internet in Auburn but I think we'll have it by tomorrow.
This past weekend was mildly fun. Sunday, as me and Paris were pool hopping, we got a little burnt. I thought it was gonna be worse but it turned out not to be so bad.
Friday night I hung out with June, David, Bruce,&David's friend Rachel and we came across other random people such as the guys from the garden district that we randomly met last year and we ended up hanging out at their place at Southern Edge. That was a crazy night. David spilled hunch punch all over my white shirt. I doubt I will be able to do anything with that. The most exciting thing that happened that night was Briton called me out of the blue(the only thing I've waited for, for the past 3 months) and wanted me to meet him on 280 but I guess he didn't realize I would be in Auburn so I invited him to come stay with us this weekend. He said he would but I'm kinda doubting it, especially since I haven't talked to him since. I've still got my fingers crossed though cause that would be all I need for a good few months. Saturday not much happened. Me and Paris went to Jeremy's to smoke and eat Subway and for some reason Jeremy told me I reminded him of Napoleon Dynamite.
Last week me and Paris went to see 17th floor at the Highlands and just about everybody we knew was there; it was kinda crazy. For some reason, it seemed like pulling teeth to get any free drinks that night. I don't know what was wrong with the cheap ass guys but they would come up to you and blab for a while and never offer a drink! It sucked! The only free drink I got was a beer from Owen. There were hardly any cute guys and its so boring talking to ugly guys at the bar, what a waste of time! Ha, that sounded shallow.
My school schedule is so easy this year. I just can't tell if the one day a week classes are gonna make things harder but so far my teachers seem to be nice and intellegent.
My mom was talking to my g-ma on the phone tonight and my great-aunt that has been in the hospital all summer long after open-heart surgery is probably not going to make it. I never imagined she would be there this long and especially did not imagine that she wouldn't come out alive. I've written letters back and forth to her since I was seven years old and now I'll never get to write her another one. She barely recognizes anybody now and they've been feeding her through a tube for so long that she's just starting to shut down. I really thought praying for her every night would get somewhere.
Well, I'm going to eat some pizza, and probably head back to the AU after that.
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We're moved into the new apartment now and the internet barely works here because we're bummin off somebody else's connection until we get our cable set up. This apartment is so much better than AU Trail. The only thing is we're pretty close to the railroad tracks so it can get pretty loud and its sucks even more cause my room is closest to the parking lot where drunk people come in and out.
I really don't feel like blabbing about this weekend because writing about it seems too drawn out and boring. I saw Andrew over at Eagle's Landing last night; he's a hoot. I told him to come hang out at our apt but when he called back I was too stoned to answer and then not long after that I passed out.
I don't know why I haven't gone to sleep; I have an 8:00 class tomorrow morning so I probably won't be able to wake up.
Bad news: Hott Justin has permanently disappeared from Auburn. Supposedly he went to Bonaroo and then to another festival in Kentucky and Jeremy says nobody's heard from him but he also said he would have been going to Ole Miss this year so its not like he would have been around anyways. My little heart is broken. No hott Justin. When will I ever find a guy? Its getting to the point where I can't take it anymore. 75% of guys seem like douche bags to me and whenever I meet a non-douche, they stick in my head for a while. This is the loneliest I've felt in as long as I can remember. Lately I've also realized how its been a long time since I've had contact with Gabe and its really strange how knowing him gets more faint all the time. I now feel like I don't know who he is at all and looking back on our relationship it seems almost like it never happened and the whole thing looks so "high-school" to me. That's probably the most amateur, meaningless realtionship I will ever have in my life. I think if I ever saw him again, it would be so awkward and I wouldn't know what to say to him. The funny thing is me and Gabe did not go together at all and though I once felt like we were really close , I know he never loved me and cared about me and looked at me the way I did him. I'll just become more of a faint memory to him as time goes along as he has to me. Obviously this is just one of the first signs to realize than I am started to finally get over him. *knock on wood*
This is kinda random but last week I planted some flowers out on our patio and today I saw a few sprouts so soon I might be a little gardener. I really didn't expect anything to grow but who knows.

More good news: Ben is coming to town!! I think its already in B'ham now. I gotta give him a call tomorrow and see and try to convince him to come to Auburn this weekend.
Okay, I was gonna write about more but I gotta go to bed.
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So I'm not goin' anywhere tonight considering I need to move a bunch of boxes to my car and leave for Auburn early in the morning and I'm really not excited about anything right now, considering I lost another wallet last night. I JUST bought a wallet yesterday after I had lost my other one months ago and I had in my purse last night, in my car, and now its nowhere to be found. I've looked everywhere up and down. I drove down to Montevallo with Paris and Sean and we went to the Delta Chi house. I locked my doors before I went in and minutes after we got there Paris and Sean went to my car and stayed there pretty much all night cause they didn't really wanna be there and once they got out, hardly anybody was still at the house and we were standing in a clear view of the parking lot anyways so we would have noticed if anybody was getting into my car. Bad thing is Sean can't remember if he locked my doors, and I ALWAYS lock my doors so that scares me. After we left we went to Sean's and hung out inside for about 15 minutes and left. I just don't understand. Did I drop it somewhere? Did I bring it into Sean's and leave it somewhere? I'm so upeset. Why does this always happen to me? I only had about $35 in there and my license and insurance card, but that's $35 I worked for, a brand new license, brand new insurance card and on top of that, brand new wallet. Its just not fair.
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I have to leave for work in about 20 minutes. I really don't wanna go;I don't even know what time I'm supposed to be there-4:15, 4:30, who knows. I haven't had many days off and I won't be off again until next Thursday. I'm trying not to spend a dime of my money until Tuesday which is court. I'm hoping I'm going to have enough which I think I am and hopefully I'll have a little left over cause I really wanna do some more shopping. Working at Abercrombie makes me wanna buy too many clothes. There's a few new things I want to get there and I still wanna go everywhere else but it sucks cause I know I'll have to save enough to where I can be comfortable in Auburn until I find a job there but I think I've got it covered.
I can't believe I haven't gone to the beach once this summer; I went like 4 times last year. I at least want to go to a water park, maybe the one in Auburn or the one at Visionland.
Hott Justin was in my dream last night. It was pretty exciting but yet not really because the only thing that happened is he passed out and I got mad, lol. I can't wait to go back to Auburn for some hott Justin. I hope he's still around.
Alright, time to go be a pizza slut.
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